Dialogue Platform

Dialogue Platform is a non-profit organization located in Brussels. The association acts as a mouthpiece for the European dialogue organisations associated with the Hizmet (a.k.a. Gülen movement). The platform also serves as the main information channel of Hizmet and Fethullah Gülen, who is the honorary president of the association.

Inspired by the teachings and example of the Muslim/Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen, these organisations aim to advance and promote intercultural understanding, dialogical interaction and social cohesion in their respective societies.

While each partner organisation retains its institutional independence, the Dialogue Platform supports coordination among them to ensure the exchange of best practice and experience. It also works to give a louder voice at the EU level of the initiatives carried out by its partner organisations.

Dialogue Platform, moreover, fosters debate and analysis on various issues concerning a peaceful and respectful coexistence in European societies. By so doing, it aims to make practical contributions to the decision-making processes on relevant developments and issues impacting on community relations in Europe.

Dialogue Platform is particularly interested in following areas to develop ideas and projects:

  • Social and Community Cohesion
  • Citizenship and Democratic Engagement
  • Identity and Intercultural Understanding
  • Inter-Faith Dialogue and Religious Studies
  • Muslims in Europe
  • Peace-Building and Diplomacy
  • Education and Youth



France: Plateforme de Paris

The United Kingdom: Dialogue Society

The Netherlands : Platform INS

Belgium: Plateforme du Dialogue Interculturel

Germany: Forum Dialog Berlin e.V.

Denmark: Dialog Forum

Spain: Arco Forum 

Italy: Istituto Tevere